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Product Description:

  • Featherlight, smart cotton fabric keeps you cool & dry
  • Contour pouch eliminates having to “re-adjust”
  • Horizontal Quick Draw™ Fly for “quick” access
  • Stay Put waistband won’t roll down or leave marks
  • So comfortable that you forget you’re wearing anything
I really never gave it much thought as to the comfort and feel of my underwear until I tried these on. They blow away the other brand I have been wearing for years. -Danny D, Capo Beach CA
The horizontal fly is definitely the best for quick in and out. I can't believe other brands aren't going that way. -Mark S, Bloomington IL

NEW! Introducing Cool Cotton! Perfect for the Spring and Summer months or for those who prefer a cotton-based alternative to our Second Skin line. This featherlight fabric is silky soft and cool to the touch. Wearing it is pure luxury.

Tommy John underwear is redefining the men’s underwear category. The comfort of stretch cotton with the innovation of our Quick Draw™ Fly, has set the new standard in the men's category for the ultimate underwear experience.

Our Cool Cotton briefs are quite possibly the most comfortable and functional underwear on earth.

  • Supremely comfortable due to our stretch fabric technology
  • Super-soft waistband won't leave marks and ensures underwear stays in place
  • Our Horizontal Quick Draw Fly saves you valuable time while "going"
  • Keeps you cool and dry
  • Will not shrink and will not pill

Fabric: 86% Cotton, 14% Spandex Learn More

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Fabric: Cool Cotton

  • Moisture-wicking, anti-odor performance fabric
  • 360 Degree Stretch Fabric

84% Polyester, 16% Spandex

Problem: Performance underwear rides up your legs when you move. This is due to the fact that they use 2 way and 4 way stretch. This type of fabric doesn’t stretch in all directions during movement, which is why it causes your underwear to rideup your legs.

What we did: Instead of endorsing a celebrity or an paying for an expensive billboard in Times Square, we actually invested time and money in searching the globe for a 360 Degree Polyester Stretch (performance) fabric that prevents this problem from happening.

The 360 fabric we use is designed to move with you, while staying in place. It is also moisture wicking with anti-odor properties.

What this means to you: Tommy John’s performance underwear doesn’t ride up your leg. The unique 360 Degree Polyester Stretch (performance) fabric stretches. in all 360 degrees that your body moves during activity to solve another problem we feel existed in the underwear market.

  • Softest cotton fabric you will ever wear
  • Dries 4-5x faster than other brands

86% Pima Cotton, 14% Spandex

History: Cotton is the most prevalent fiber in the world and is renowned for its breathability, strength and versatility.

Most of the men’s undergarment market uses only 100% cotton material. This is a strategy we believe to be deeply flawed. We begin with cotton, but also add stretch to the fabric for shape retention.

Problem: Traditional cotton undergarments tend to shrink up to a size smaller than you are, stick to the skin, cause you to overheat and sag when wet due to the weight of the fabric. They also stretch out over time, which cause an "A-frame" or "tented" appearance. It’s just a matter of time before these type of undergarments become rags for washing your car.

What we did: We found a super lightweight and smart fabric technology that uses a special cooling process to increase the absorption capacity of the fabric. Moisture is then transferred to the surface of the fabric where it easily and rapidly evaporates.

The non-pilling feature ensures garments retain softness and smoothness with NO PILLING; wash after wash.

What this means to you: Our Cool Cotton underwear remains as silky smooth as the day you bought them and keeps you cooler and drier than your traditional undergarments.

Wash after wash, your garment stays looking good as new, allowing you to continue wearing it for a very long time. Yes, this cooling technology is pretty awesome stuff!

  • The softest fabric on the planet
  • Anti-Pilling Micro Modal fabric

90% Non-Pilling Micro Modal, 10% Spandex

Micro Modal is resistant to shrinkage and fading. Because we add stretch to the fabric for shape retention, the final product is not considered a 100% natural product.

History: Micro Modal,the world’s softest fiber, it makes textiles naturally more beautiful. Micro Modal fabric is feather-light and feels like a second skin on your body. The fiber is made from beech wood, a natural raw material. The natural softener makes Modal fabrics pleasant to the touch, even after repeated washing.

Problem: If you have worn modal products before, you know the problem is that they “pill” very quickly and look older, faster.

What we did: We are proud to use a revolutionary, non-pilling micro modal fabric that ensures garments retain softness and smoothness with NO PILLING; wash after wash.

What this means to you: Tommy John micro modal underwear remains as softly smooth as the day you bought them. The non-pilling fabric finishing process cleans away the fuzzy surface fibers that eventually cause pilling.

Wash after wash, your garment stays looking good as new, allowing you to continue wearing it for
a very long time. No more pilling is pretty awesome.

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Quick Draw™ Fly

Horizontal fly for “quick” access when nature calls

Contour Pouch

Unmatched support, secure comfort, and lift

Cool Cotton Feel

Silky soft and lightweight cotton blend for enhanced comfort and feel

Stay Dry

Controls body temperature to keep you cool and confident


Stays put and won't roll down

Reviews for Cool Cotton Brief

Jeff G

1 day ago , Long Beach NY
Height: 5'8" Weight: 180 lbs. Chest: 38" Waist: 34" Size: Medium

GREAT underwear!!

I didn't think the different design of the fly would make such a difference but it really does! These underwear fit great, feel great and the fly is a revolution in men's underwear. I don't think I'll ever buy a different brand unless other companies adopt this fly.

Stephen F

18 days ago , Englewood FL
Height: 6'1" Weight: 170 lbs. Chest: 42" Waist: 38" Size: Large

size is the problem

These briefs would be very comfortable BUT the Large I usually order is too small and the X-Large is too big. The Large thus rides up on my butt and the x-Large is just too floppy. With a 38 waist, I fall right between two levels in Tommy Johns.
I will not be ordering any more.

How I feel when I wear this product:


Dale H

2 months ago , Stow OH
Height: 5'9" Weight: 202 lbs. Chest: 48" Waist: 31" Size: Medium

A Tighty Whitey for a New Generation!

Wow, what comfortable briefs. Great fabric that keeps me cool, holds it's shape and form fit without sagging like tradition tighty whities. Wish they came in more colors like the second skin briefs.

How I feel when I wear this product:


Gram M

3 months ago , Spokane WA
Height: 6'1" Weight: 210 lbs. Chest: 44" Waist: 36" Size: Large

Comfortable design

Comfortable design, Quick draw fly super convenient, after wearing other underwear, I always pull down to access yet with these, I can quickly access through the fly. Sometimes when aroused, my unit seeks naturally opening. If I hadn't also ordered "second skin", these would be best of all time but as pricing is similar, the second skin material is more comfortable..

How I feel when I wear this product:


Leslie E

3 months ago , Culver City CA
Height: 6'2" Weight: 185 lbs. Chest: 42" Waist: 34" Size: Medium

Pouch is too small

If you are a Big Man, don't bother with these. I fall out of them. Very annoying.

How I feel when I wear this product:

Pouch, pocket, fall, big, balls, hung, bull,