Ultimate Stay-Up Solid Mid-Calf Dress Socks

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Product Description:

  • InvisiGrip™ Technology gives sock best chance of staying up
  • Double Layer Footbed provides increase support, comfort, and extended wear
  • Y-Heel eliminates bunching
  • Arch Support provides light compression and increases blood flow
  • Mid-calf length provides optimal length for comfort and function
  • Sold as a pair


  • We believe this is the best sock your feet will ever meet.

80% Mercerized Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Why we created our socks: Our Ultimate Stay-Up Men’s Dress Socks were created to address the constant frustration of having to pull up our socks throughout the day.

Reinvented, using InvisiGrip™ Technology, our socks function like no other socks have before.

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InvisiGrip™ Technology

Stay up cuff and unique design system grips to keep sock up all day

Double Layer Footbed

Increased support, comfort, and extended wear


Creates custom fit and eliminates bunching

Arch Support

Performance feature provides light compression and increases blood flow

Reviews for Ultimate Stay-Up Solid Mid-Calf Dress Socks

George G

about 1 month ago , Philadelphia PA
Height: 6'1" Weight: 250 lbs. Chest: 48" Waist: 43" Size: Extra Large

Not worth it.......

I purchased the socks specifically because they supposedly stayed up. They didn't. In fact, it seemed to me that they slid and bunched up easier than regular socks. These socks are definitely not worth purchasing.

Marcus V

about 1 month ago , Vacaville CA
Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 lbs. Chest: 44" Waist: 34" Size: Medium

Size issues

One thing I've learned from military service and having to pass uniform inspections for cleanliness and fit is: SOCK SIZES ARE DIFFERENT FROM SHOE SIZES.

In the United Kingdom, a sock's size is similar to the person's shoe size; for example, a foot that has a shoe size of 9 would require a sock sized 8-10. In some other parts of the world socks are sized differently than shoes. In the U.S. numerical sock size is the length of the foot in inches, whereas shoe size is not.

With a 10.5" foot I wear a US size 9 (Eur 42) shoe. I've had issues with socks in general because the most common men's size sold is 10-13 (remember: inches). The Gold Toe company correlates men’s sock size 10-13 to men's SHOE sizes 6 to 12-1/2 (quite a range!). Invariably I get the bunching up problem reported in the previous reviews. To combat this, I've always searched (with little success) for men's socks in the RARE size 9-11.

I don’t yet own a pair of Tommy John socks; I'm hesitant to buy a pair of socks with a "Y-heel" could fit on a 13" foot...

How I feel when I wear this product:


Mason F

6 months ago
Height: 5'10" Weight: 179 lbs. Chest: 43" Waist: 34" Size: Small

Best Sock My Feet have ever felt

I just read the negative comments on these socks and happened to receive an email from the actual founder of Tommy John that addressed my footbed and length questions. After I read and learned this, I had no problems with these socks and they exceeded my expectations (which were already high since I love their underwear so much). The compression band on the arch is genius. Reminds me of my running socks.

I am will gradually change over since I have some other socks that are also new so need to cycle thru. Please make more colors

How I feel when I wear this product:

magical strong comfortable

Max R

6 months ago , Richmond TX
Height: 5'7" Weight: 175 lbs. Chest: 35" Waist: 28" Size: Medium

Poor value for money

1) Bought medium size (8-12) - "one size fits most" is correct as I fall right in the middle with 10 size and socks are too long from toe to heel. This leaves an unsavory looking "bunch up" in the back of the foot.
2) Socks stay up just as well as any others I wore so no advantage their.

Conclusion: Socks that cost $23 should be much better than this!

How I feel when I wear this product:


George G

6 months ago , Dallas TX
Height: 5'10" Weight: 185 lbs. Chest: 44" Waist: 33" Size: Large

Socks Need An Instruction Manual?

I bought three socks ... I like the material and generally like all TJ products ... but I have issues with the socks.
I have a size 11.5-12 foot and the material bunches between the toe and heel ...as one reviewer said they are not sized properly. Other issue is that when stretched out on foot, color swatch on heel is visible over top of heel on my dress shoes ... another non-no. Funny that TJ is telling us how to wear socks properly after we have been wearing them for 50 years ... and they have been making them for 5 weeks. didn't know that socks needed an instruction manual ...

How I feel when I wear this product: